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On common roots of the Left and the “Liberals”. The infantile disease of leftism in the national movement.

“If we wish to save the world from barbarism we have to conquer Socialism, but we cannot thrust it carelessly”

Ludwig Von Mises, The Socialism

Lately both the Russian Left (Empire supporters) and the “Liberals” have been increasingly active. The trick is to demonstrate opposition to each other based on irreconcilable ideological differences. Mssrs. Delyagin, Glazyev, Khazin are proclaiming “the crisis of Capitalism” while the “Liberals” (Yasun, Chubais) speak of Capitalism being a good thing. However none of these learned people with academic degrees who worked as early as in Yeltsin’s Government forget about the most important topic: today the West is going through the crisis of SOCIALISM rather than Capitalism. All these “gurus” of economics purposefully deceive people and the numerous mass media swallow what is being fed to them as allegedly “science-like” speculations about economics. The Socialists’ camp of patriots fringed with Russian Orthodoxy and originating from Lenin-Stalin is heavily betting on opposition to the West. As if for them, “the Russians”, the loan interest is unacceptable. And this seems to be their whole national idea. Horrified, I have long watched these patriotic “academicians” who have no idea of what is going on in today’s West and came to the conclusion that they must be either idiots or provocateurs. I will give reasons for my assertions. I am familiar with economics. I officially studied it for 8 years not only in Russia but also in the US. I will mention the ‘Liberals” almost acting as “Union of the Right Forces” but in fact being the teaching of socialism with elements of New Economic Policy and a parody on democracy. Both are growing from the same overseas gardens invented by Carl Marx but implemented by the backroom owners of Federal Reserve System. So it is the crisis of Socialism that we should speak of. In the end of publication I will show who we should follow and how these Russian clowns can and must be defeated if we target at the clear goals of the Russian people obtaining their nationhood.

In the West worshiped by the “Liberals” they have officially been called the Left for a long time.

And, most importantly, nobody disputes this because everybody knows this to be true. Only in Russia the social-democratic clowns pretend to be “right” (everybody remembers the SPS). Moreover, in the US there is a real battle between the conservative patriots and Obama’s Government supported by such famous leftists as Soros, Bill Gates, and Kissinger. The prize in this battle is the planet’s last stronghold of free economy – the people of America. Dear readers, please acknowledge that the frontline in the war for personal liberties today lies in the US. Freedom in Russia was ultimately done away with in the first quarter of the XX century. What we see today in the RF is a total colonialism with a slow but inevitable extermination of the aborigines. Freedom in Russia was mercilessly crushed in the bud by the Bolsheviks.

Today in California the middle class have to give TWO-THIRDS of their wages as taxes to the Government. Obama’s Administration is trying to take over all medical insurance – through tax increase, of course. Today’s generation of Americans will not have retirement pension because the Socialists’ expenses have exceeded all reasonable limits. During Obama’s term the debt of the US has grown by trillions dollars. The Federal Reserve System is buying commercial enterprises. The Government decides who gets money and who do not. In this respect Putin’s Socialist Government is not a lot different from that in America.

For the reader to understand what socialism is in fact, below is given a classic example from the history of free capitalist America. In short, Socialism means a bunch of people encroaching power in the country, at their own discretion spending the country’s budget collected from all the citizens. Attention! An example of government of people provided for by the US Constitution now broken by the Socialists. In 1794 James Madison, the co-author of the US Constitution, refused the request for fifteen thousand dollars to French refugees from Haiti. Madison explained his refusal by “the danger of establishing a precedent” when the money belonging to all the American people would be given to a group of persons. In other words, the Congress only can consider the issue if the money is invested into a project to the benefit of all the American citizens. Let us remember how and where Putin’s Government spends Russians’ money. How easily the cabinet of “ministers” and “President” decide who will get support, who gets money and who doesn’t! Our portal has told how Putin turned around billions of the country’s currency reserve during the crisis ( Here is another example how Putin and Medvedyev act in the interests of British Petroleum presenting the contracts with Vietnam, Algeria and Venezuela as great victories. For the British it was not comme il faut to deal with the communist regimes – and they sent their “Russian” managers (

Is this capitalism or socialism? When Russia is infinitely ruled by the handful of usurpers who allocate the people’s treasures among themselves. When Obama’s administration implements radical socialistic reforms in spite of protests by millions of law-abiding citizens. When the Cap and Trade Law is adopted to the detriment of traditional American companies that will either have to close down or to export the production. Is this not a blow to the economy? The idea of public assets being redistributed by a handful of usurpers is itself a Marxist idea based on “take and distribute”. And how about the Centrobank’s Marxist idea perfected by Keynes’ monetarist disciples – is it not socialistic? When finance is monopolized by such uncontrollable institution as FRS that buys out whole loss-making industries and companies belonging to in-laws (Goldman Sachs being the brightest example) – is this not socialism? Mssrs. Khazin, Glazyev, Delyagin! I understand that you studied Political Economics and received your degrees from Red professors. Then don’t make laugh those who did not only study Keynesianism but also at least Austrian Economic Theory. Save your capitalism crisis tale for children. Today’s system of financial and political control over all the world’s countries definitely can be called Lenin’s NEP when private property was allowed but political and financial control was exercised by the only party. I would kindly ask the group of comrades who worked in the leftist liberal government in 1990’s to stop fooling people.

The British roots of Russian Socialism.

Let me continue about the British roots of Socialism. In the early 1990’s the Russian university economics curriculum was provided by London. However is was not Austrian Economic Theory with works by Ludwig Von Mises and Friedrich Von Hayek who had predicted the collapse of the USSR long before its disintegration that was imposed but Keynesian Economics based on economy regulation with monetary policy instruments from a common center. Those who are not familiar with the subject should know that Austrian Economic Theory supports the true liberalism without Centrobank, the true market relations rather than Lenin-Chubais’ NEP. This kind of “market” Economics was and is taught in the vast majority of universities of today’s world. He who pays the piper calls the tune. This is an easier way to rule. Formally in the country of NEP there is private property and even Automated election system. In reality the center exercises strict control over activities of all enterprises through the survived KGB and financial levers. The main component is readiness of the people to accept the “president” sitting in the TV as the person in charge of the situation. And this brings us to another very important topic.

Yeltsin with Russian maximalism was ready to outlaw the CPSU’s activities. Numerous glasnost funds published materials concerning KGB’s crimes. It looked like a perfect moment for the final mortal strike against the communist plague. But for some reason Yeltsin stops like the Germans near Moscow when Mordor’s capital was near at hand. And CPSU survives. Miraculous escape. Then a question arises. Why the “damned ideologist of Capitalism” Chubais together with Yeltsin did not finish the bewildered Communists and KGB? Did something restrain him? Let us look back in history and see who was first to recognize the USSR after the Civil War? England, in 1924. And who sponsored Trotsky? Bankers from the FRS caste did. This is, generally, the trademark of the British secret service: implementing projects with American’s hands. Many American investigators who are trying to lift the secrecy curtain from the founders and owners of FRS (a top secret subject) come to the conclusion that the control strings lead to London. Meanwhile, the British Empire never died financially. It is enough to notice who owns offshore companies through which oligarchs are making billions of dollars today. The answer is clear: Great Britain. Cyprus is only the front. Please, note: they do not belong to the US. Maybe, the situation is different in America itself? It is, but offshore companies on the Bahamas, Bermudas and Cayman Islands also belong to the Britons. And the famous Google headed by Sergey Brin managed to hide most of its income from taxation through offshore companies – first in the Netherlands, then the Bermudas. Thus, in 2009 Google only paid taxes at the rate 2.5% (  Even though the company if formally American. All this happens on the background of stifling the middle class that retained its freedoms in many wars for independence and has to bear the burden of Obamanomic enormous expenses.

Let us go back to the party establishment in the 1990’s. To confuse the Soviet people who had never seen American freedoms it was decided to appoint the Russian Social Democrats, that is, Yabloko, SPS and comrades like them who had taught Marxism-Leninism just a couple of years before to be the Right ones. Now those “assistant professors” and “professors” of Socialist Economics seriously began to promote Keynesianism as the true market economy. The former Komsomol leaders must have believed themselves that they are the real Right Liberals with panhuman values. And now is the time to prove that the Russian ‘Liberals” are nothing but the other side of the Socialist coin, or Zyuganov and Limonov. By the way, please, note, that such “liberals” as Kasparov, Nemtsov and Kasyanov do not object to Limonov’s Bolshevism. They are good friends and for Soros’ grants go together to defend the RF Constitution that leaves no room for the Russian people. The true objectives of the Russian “Liberals”, that is, to prevent recognition of Russian people’s nationhood, will be dwelt upon later.

Striking at Chimeras of Liberalism.

The Social Democrats headed by Yasin from the so-called Higher School of Economics were literally knocked down by Y.V. Petukhov, Managing Director of Friedrich Von Hayek Fund, in reply to a letter from the Liberal Mission Fund. Earlier Anvictory wrote about the event ignored by the Kremlin’s mass media (  Yasin asked Mr. Petukhov to comment on the open letter written, as he asserted, by Khodorkovsky “Crisis of Liberalism in Russia” ( Petukhov  could not hold it back, so, he replied. And his reply was rater frank, calling the impostors common Social Democrats. For the Russian “gurus” he clarified that there is no such thing as Russian Liberalism. He also revealed their socialistic plans openly saying that their failure of NEP according to the Soviet templates forced all of them to return into the Soviet bed. But for this it was necessary to fully discredit the notion of Liberalism which they have been successfully doing until today. I can imagine Yasin’s remaining hair standing on end after that revelation. Such surprise after the old Party member had been in disguise for so long.

Here are more quotations by Evgeny Yasin serving as a “cover” for the KGB regime. Let us begin with the “Guru’s” titles:

President of the Liberal Mission Fund, Research Supervisor of State University – Higher School of Economics, Professor at Statistics Department of State University – Higher School of Economics, Member of European Academy of Science, President of НБФ Expert Institute, Honorable Professor of Julin University, China (greetings to Chinese Communists), honoris causa Doctor of University of Birmingham, the UK (greetings to the curators), Member of the RF Public Chamber for Education and Science (2008), Doctor of Economics. Generally speaking, this person is a large pillar of social-putinism.

And these are his howlers: begins from one criterion: if direct falsification of elections take place. In my estimate in Russia until recently no direct falsifications have taken place (except for the regional elections in Moscow and Dagestan)! I make this conclusion based on comparing public opinion polls and election results. If Putin has been gaining 70% of votes it is not because the elections are falsified. You can look at the results by Levada-Center or Public Opinion Fund, I trust these funds – their results are the same”. Yasin speaks about parties and democracy. “Secondly, democracy requires balance of forces. The country needs a situation which allows establishing such a balance and making all the parties participating in elections or in politics generally understand that if they violate the rules of the game other parties will take advantage and will punish those people at the right time. This, actually, is elections”. This, actually, is a scam, dear Mr. Yasin. You ought to know this.

Many know that all enterprises and natural resources were, in general, distributed among the party old boys network in the course of privatization under Chubais. But not many know that the party old boys did not originate from the Soviet Union. In this context the scandal around Sergey Magnitsky and the Chief Executive Officer of the investment fund Hermitage Capital Management William Browder. It is not common to promote the fact that William Browder’s grandfather (Earl Browder) was Secretary General of the US Communist Party. William’s father (Felix Browder) was born in the USSR by Earl’s wife Raisa Bekerman and became a mathematician and Professor at RutgersUniversity, NJ. William Browder’s biography is like the joke about a millionaire: “First I bought a kilo of oranges for three dollars and sold it for five. Then I bought five kilos for two dollars each and sold for five. And then my uncle, the banker, gave me a million to start-up a business”. Totally, from 1992 to 1998 his fund grew to a billion dollars. William’s biography shows that he is not a common millionaire who settled in London in 1989. in 2000 Browder played a role in dismissing Rem Vyakhirev from the position of Gazprom’s chief manager: together with other minority shareholders of the gas corporation he demanded resignation of its management and arranged a campaign in the press exposing the grey export of gas to Europe and transferring the company’s assets. Eventually in 2001 Aleksey Miller became the head of the gas corporation. At the same time Browder said that he liked Vladimir Putin’s reforms and his fight against the oligarchs. Notably, Browder welcomed arrest of Mikhail Khadarkovsky whom he accused of mistreating Yokos’ minority shareholders. What a rascal! The assets of the companies Parfenion, Rilend and Mahaon through which the Fund Hermitage operated were managed by proxy from Cyprus offshore companies by the HSBC Corporation – one of the world’s largest financial bank groups founded in 1865. It is not quite American again, is it? And its head-quarters is in London. Today Browder is lobbying governments of different countries to ban the Russian officials who prosecuted his four-billion fund from entering Europe and the US.

I am not at all justifying the RF officials but it is the succession of events that is remarkable. As it was said even by Kasyanov, Khadarkovsky was punished for supporting the Communists. Maybe London supported hunting Communists at the time. In this context participation of the special investor in Vyakhirev’s dismissal makes sense. But when Putin no longer wanted to share with London and started his own game, his substitute was found – the “liberal” Medvedyev. At the same time, please note – the Communists are untouchable. The whole world wants Communism to be condemned. And everyone is puzzled – why are the Russians like that, they do not want to condemn Stalin’s atrocities. The Mausoleum is still their as a monument. The Communists are sitting quietly in the Duma. The star is still on top of the Kremlin, and Medvedyev with all the “liberals” who are supposed to pretend opposition to Communists-Socialists do not care about the Communist party and its terrible legacy. There is only one possible explanation. The Communists are kept in reserve, just in case. Who knows how long the Social Democrats from INSOR will hold. Then the imperial Communists will have to be brought back to life to support the socialist order and retaining Russia as Europe’s raw material source.

Specially for those who blame America for all evil: look which way the oligarchs are running. This is London and not at all the US. Luzhkov fled to England because he knows who will buy his services – the Human Relations Department. Berezovsky was kept in the same London for future counterweight to Putin.

Soros and his Russian assistants are building global socialism.

Nikolay Zlobin gave “analysis” on prevention of Russia’s collapse through gradual nullification of national identity ( Mister Zlobin is the director of Russian and Asian programs of the US National Security Institute. What a clever title. Blame the US for everything. But if you visit their website and read their staff in the original you will see that the website is supported by such panhuman institutes as Brookings founded by the British. Nikolay himself is has received grants from Soros and MacArthur Foundation (  If Ludmila Alekseyeva had said that the US should pay attention to international relations in the US the effect would have been approximately the same, that is, close to zero. Both Zlobin and Alekseyeva live off grants from Soros and MacArthur Foundation. One of the foundation’s goals is population decrease under a specious excuse of maternity support: The Foundation’s population and reproductive health grantmaking seeks to reduce maternal death and illness and to advance the sexual and reproductive health and rights of young people. Bill Gates has granted about 15 billion dollars for the same purpose (

Honestly speaking, lately Helsinki Group has received grants from the Russian government, too. By order of Soros and Kissinger. What American patriots think of Soros, the collaborationist (who did not suffer from the Holocaust but was a faithful servant of the Nazis), famous US Republicans are telling. It is worth quoting to explain the attitude to this important promoter of the global socialistic nationality-free authoritarian order. If Zlobin cares about the US security, that is, armament balance, then why deal with the nationalities and administrative division of Russian territory? This is not his field at all. But Soros would not be Soros if he did not disguise his main goal: the Russian aborigines are not to claim their rights for natural resources. Their natural resources belong to the united and would-be social Europe under authoritarian government of “soroses”.

Glenn Beck (, a very popular American conservative TV and radio host who has collected millions of protestors in the march against the socialistic policy of Obama’s Administration.

Speaking on the FOXnews TV channel, Glenn Beck attacked Soros: (

“Soros is trying to devaluate the dollar to introduce a new world currency. He is waging a war on capitalism and taking our country apart. He has recruited all the key players of Obama’s administration!” – here Delyagin, Khazin and Glazyev should give deep reverence to their overseas Guru. .

“Soros wants to create a  united world with no individual governments and borders”. Further, Beck is quoting Soros himself:we need some global system of political decision-making. In short, we need a global society to support our global economy.”  Communists and liberals! Your order is coming. Moscow and Russia for all!

Alex Jones (

«So exactly what is it that George Soros is trying to accomplish? Well, in a nutshell, what he wants is a Big Brother-style one world government based on extreme European-style socialism, strict population control and the radical green agenda. It would be a world where the state tightly regulates everything that we do for the greater benefit of the environment and of society as a whole».

A simple American – classmate is writing in his blog about the madman who shot people in Tucson, Arizona, including the congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords (

«As I knew him he was left wing, quite liberal. & oddly obsessed with the 2012 prophecy».

«He listed Hitler’s Mein Kampf and Marx’s Communist Manifesto as his favorite books«. (

From the quotes and the report generally we can see that left wing and “liberals” is the same in the mind of people who understand what freedom is.

That left wing and “liberals” want to take deprive all people of their nationality so that they should be easier to control with a rigid socialistic hand.

That in practice the “liberal” Zlobin, Chubais, Yurgens and Yasin want to control the “cattle” and manage the Russian natural resources without obstacles.

That the open supporters of socialism, such as Kalashnikov, Delyagin, Khazin and Glazyev are just the other side of the same global no-national socialistic coin. Both have done a lot of harm to the Russian nation decreasing its numbers through attrition.

I would like to emphasize again that today only the American nation who retains the memories of the true freedom opposes to the European-style socialism. Meanwhile all the so-called American experts heavily promoted by Soros’ Russian mob not only forget about the rule of the people in the first decades of the US history but they know nothing about it. Today only our portal gives the complete overview of the new world in the section Draft Constitution of Rus (

The socialists had Marx, we have Ludwig Von Mises. We oppose the instruments of true rule of the Russian people to the theory of almighty state dictatorship. Once again I will present the most important postulates of our struggle formulated in one of the previous publications.

The national idea: the Russian people obtaining nationhood. Our hationhood is based on the three pillars:

  1. Obtaining by the Russian people control of all the natural resources in their territory.
  2. Control over all financial flows and the RF Centrobank.
  3. Maintaining the rule of the people in the whole territory of Rus without possibilities for power usurpation by one person or group of persons or imposing any ideology (communism, liberalism, socialism, national-socialism etc.).

My next publication will tell in more detail about the development vector of the national democratic movement. There is only one possible vector – the American revolutionary spirit of freedom, for the personal rights against the dictatorship of the European-style socialistic state. Hopefully, this publication has exposed the main baits of the left-wingers (pro-state kind, communists and “liberals”) and unmasked all of them. Now, if we see a supporter of “liberals” we should realize that we are dealing with a supporter of no-nation ideas no matter what beautiful words such person uses to disguise.

Vladislav Pochepinskiy (Владислав Почепинский), Анвиктори (


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