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Prevent Dam Disaster!



Right now the bottom of the spillway has an ice mass of about 200 metres thick and weights already more 100 thousand tons. It has formed because water has been allowed to flow out of the reservoir via a spillway that has never been used before in the winter. This could lead to a collapse of the ice at the bottom of the spillway and cause damage to the dam.


Media and authorities in Russia are hiding the fact that the upcoming spring flood of the river Enisey is going to be at least 10,000 — 13,000 m3/s. At the moment the dam can only pass water in three ways: 1) Regular spillway, (1)
2) spillway that's currently in development and (1 2 3)
3) power generators that are also presently in rush development (1 2). 

Regular spillway could pass not more then 5000 m3/s without being destroyed. 
(Images of spillway destruction in 1986. 1 2 3 4)

Another water spillway in rush development is expected to be completed sometime in June 2010. 
This new spillway will allow 2000 m3/s to flow through. 
The two power generators that are also being developed will allow 700 m3/s to pass through. 
In total, the spillways in development together with the two new generators will only handle 7700 m3/s of water to flow through judged against the forecasted spring flood forecasted at a minimum of 10,000 m3/s. 

The Russian government and media have concealed from the public the fact that in 1986 the spring flood was 15,000-20,000 m3/s. If the same situation occurs this spring this could mean inevitable collapse of the dam.


In case the dam is destroyed a hand made wave of 200 meters high will destroy all cities surrounding the dam and cause destruction to the next dam located close to the City of Krasnoyarsk hydro power station. All chemical factories including those which is keeping radioactive waste in surroundings areas will be swept away by the flood.

Asides from enormous casualties, this disaster will cause the river Enisey to flow contaminated water in to the Arctic Ocean. This contamination will cause direct damage to the environment of United States, Canada, Norway and Iceland.


We all remember Chernobyl disaster when USSR government kept the accident in strict secrecy and after serious pressure from world community and facts presented that radioactive waste was found in Sweden and other European countries, were they forced to release information about the serious disaster.

Recently, Russian authorities were also trying to hide the accident in Atomic Power Station close to Norway (1).

What's happening right now is exactly the same situation. The level of incompetence brought the station to collapse. The previous accident occurred simply because there was no phone connection between two hydro station operators.

On September 8th 2009, the Accounts Chamber of the Russian Federation disclosed that the power station was audited in 2007 and that 85% of all technological equipment needed to be replaced. An official notification was sent to the government and the Prosecutor General's Office. Since the official notification was released no action has been taken.

The sad truth about Russia is that in the last decade of making high profit from selling oil, nothing was invested in production. The result of this is total degradation of manufacturing sector as well as lost technology multiplied by the highest level ofcorruption.

Famous Russian rockets are not flying properly anymore but instead making dazzling sky shows in Norway.

Technological catastrophes such as accidents in atomic power station, submarines and collapse of buildings have become standard.

Recent tests of alarm systems in cities around the dam failed. 

We all know that for the current Russian government people are of less priority. 

Official statements from Alexander Bastrykin First Deputy Prosecutor, confirmed that managers of the station did nothing during the time of the accident to fulfill their duties, instead they left the station on their luxury cars (video footage). It took one hour for five brave men to run diesel machines in total darkness 200 meters high above the station to block the flood.

At the moment, without media support, over 3000 people have signed a petition demanding the Russian president to act immediately.

We are asking you to show your support by signing below to demand that the Russian president take immediate action in order to save Russian people and the Arctic from upcoming events.

Each day counts and each sign up is important in our struggle for life.

1. To take immediate measures in order to prevent a disaster. 
2. Make objective coverage of what is going on there in the media. 
3. We require the development of plans for evacuation if things go wrong. 
4. We demand to allow independent observers to visit the site to evaluate the situation.

If a new disaster occurs at the power station, which will lead to human victims, you, Mr.President, Prime Minister and Members of Parliament will bear personal responsibility before the people of Russia. 
This time you will not get away with cynical phrases as `It sank`.

Sign the Demand


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