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War in Georgia.

What about Ossetians themselves, that another «small but proud» tribe? Did they all stand as one to protect their native land? Are they dying in the unequal battle saving the comrades? Someone died defending loved ones. But most of them (including evacuated from the region), after receiving the Russian citizenship, stay quietly on Russian land and in the capital of Russia, though it seems to be their Ossetian independence war!

The population of South Ossetia consists of Ossetians, Georgians and some other ethnic groups, with the Ossetian and Georgian villages mixed with each other. Many Ossetian families fled the region as a result of armed conflict at the beginning of 1990s, finding the refuge shelter on Russian territory, mainly in North Ossetia-Alania.
Now the majority of population of the region is Ossetians, but there are still villages populated with the ethnic Georgians.
According to the Soviet Union census of 1989, the population of South Ossetia was 98527, including 65 thousand ethnic Ossetians and two thousand ethnic Russians.

According to estimates by international observers from the OSCE and the UN, it is about 30 thousand ethnic Ossetians left in South Ossetia. The other 35 thousand, namely labor and combat ready, are part of the Caucasus people migrated to the Russian cities.

But now it’s namely the ethnic Russians who must protect the integrity and independence of South Ossetia. How come? What about a full shape war mobilization of Ossetians? How about a death penalty for desertion committed in wartime?

However, this is not the main point. Actually, who is right in this conflict?

Here is what academician Nikolai Dubrovin (1837-1894) wrote about people of the region: «Lack of land was a reason that part of the Ossetians moved to the southern slope of the Main [Caucasian] Ridge and voluntarily gave themselves in peonage to the Georgian landlords. Those Ossetians occupied gorges of Greater and Lesser Liakhvi, Rehula, Ksani and became serfs of princes Eristavovs and Machabelovs. These immigrants represented the population of so-called southern Ossetians and, in turn, they were also subdivided into many societies, called by name of gorges, which they inhabited. Thus, they consist of ksani, liahvi, gudushauri, magrandvaleti, dzhamuri and other Ossetians. Many Ossetians settled in Mtiulet and Hev gorges «(N. Dubrovin; history of war and domination of Russians in the Caucasus, Vol 1, pp. 187, St. Petersburg., 1871).

In other words, the population of South Ossetia is mostly represented by descendants of immigrants invited to work on the Georgian soil, since they were dying from starvation in Ossetia-Alania. So they worked, gave birth to others, generation by generation, and… like the Albanians in Kosovo finally claimed an independence for seemingly their Ossetian land now.

So called patriots of Russia oppose the Kosovo separation from Serbia, but they stand for separation of the Georgian land from Georgia. This position is illogical and hinted only by the aspiration to read the Kremlin’s lips and repeat after it. And the Kremlin, as usual, is breaking into somebody else’s business and interfering in the internal affairs of other states.

Now let’s see how this Georgian conflict affects the interests of ethnic Russian people. The situation with the Russian people in Russia is deplorable. The people gets catastrophically poorer and poorer, dying out by two million a year and being replaced by migrants from the North Caucasus and immigrants from all over the world. The retired have no money to buy food, the Pension Fund is going to the sky, the disabled can’t buy enough of prescribed drugs and trivially dying from the shortages, the healthcare is visibly collapsed, the army is not being equipped with modern weapons, the infrastructure of Russian cities is deteriorated by 60-80%, the inflation exceeds all reasonable limits, reaching 25% on basic food for the poor.

And in such circumstances, instead of supporting Russians in Russia, Kremlin once again is up to crazy sponsorship to the North Caucasus inter-clan tensions.

Patriotism of «Russian» idiots is the last hope of Kremlin to stay in power to carry on the robbery and genocide of Russian people, accompanied by a perfectly planned relocation of the North Caucasus residents to the heartland of Russia. And the population of migrants from Caucasus is rapidly growing, as it’s generously sponsored by the earnings taken from Russians.

The ground for Russia’s participation in the conflict is the desire to control a smuggling process through the Roksky tunnel, where the Russia’s peacekeepers are simply babysitting a free-trade flow of Chechen oil in exchange to non-certified alcohol produced by our Ossetian friends in millions of deciliters. The Kremlin’s authorities do not care what poisoned Ossetian vodka killed or made the disabled already hundreds of thousands of Russian men and women.

It is time once and for all for everybody, calling themselves Russians, to remember: what is good for Kremlin that is bad for Russians.

Who stands for Kremlin that stands for wogs. Who stands for Kremlin that is against Russians.

We can only conclude that by escalating the conflict in South Ossetia, the imperialistic Russophobe monster continues to carry on its anti-Russian policy. And we could only wait, when it will break its back over Georgia as the anti-Russian Soviet Union once broke its back over Afghanistan.

August 8, 2008



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