A.: Undoubtedly. Just America gave the world the first Constitution of free people. I'm not trying to idealize the present situation with the democracy in the USA, but today it's a guarantor considered seriously in the whole world.


Q.: Why does the ANP need an international national-democratic organization?


A.: First, to announce to the whole world that there are people in Russia which admit values of freedom and human rights and which are ready to fight for them every day, even risking with their personal freedom and material well-being: these are tens of thousands of people, high-class professionals in all spheres of society; they are people with long-time national-democratic mentality.


Q.: Why did you choose just national-democratic option, not simply national?


A.:  Bases on the experience of a national representation in Russia, Russian nationalism itself can't even display some real force on the international arena, nor even to build some basis for informing the world society and multiple international institutions about that critical situation Russia got into. One can blame Russian government and inefficient local authorities, work out theories of world conspiracies and other sorts of paranoia, but nationalism has no strength, nor brain to come straight to the truth and say that the nationalists are guilty themselves: they can't response adequately to today's calls of society.

Nationalism itself is the same abstract word for a real policy, as "Aryans", e.g. And if the latter was designed to name a certain linguistic group, then the nationalism is the same abstract essence. How can one go into real politics with such "philosophic" meaning? There are adepts of monarchy, of state or social doctrine among nationalists: they are all absolutely different, and they are all nationalists. But they will never come to some mutual agreement, because they look at state problems differently.

National-Democrats are quite different! They fight for ideals of national democracy, in the best traditions of these words. Besides, they fight for the right of nations' self-determination, as well, which is very important for us. But they do it on democratic principles and traditions, without Fuhrers (leaders), gallows, barbed-wire and other attributes of Nazism. So, nationalism itself, without determining word, is just a scarecrow. We send this scarecrow (which is really an obstacle for Russian people in their  fight for the rights) to retirement. We say: Long live National Democracy!


Q.: What's the difference between you and well-known (in the West) Kasparov or Kasianov?


A.: There are two radical differences.


       First, our organization is international: we're ready to unite all free people of the world which disapprove the Kremlin's aggressive policy. Our external purposes will be published soon on the APN-site.


       Second, we're aiming at eradication of basic reasons, not at consequences of violations of human rights and freedoms. The reason for violation of human rights in Russia is the totalitarian state empire machine which breaks people like matches. One can't move farther without eradicating this main obstacle: all violations of Russian people's rights and freedoms come from there.


       Let's take older soldiers' problem ("dedovshchina"). Its reason — in the empire totalitarian tradition, rooting from Byzantine (which is an object of pride for Russia, by the way)- relations between slave soldiers and slave-owners- commanders. This is the same national Russian tradition cultivated from the time of Moscow's assuming the status of the Second Rome! It didn't appear just yesterday. Just reread Leo Tolstoy's (one of the first Russian national-democrats) story "After the Ball" (well-known from the school program) where he, with pain in his heart, described one of typical humiliations in the Empire army.


      Who's the main violator of human rights in Russia? — The state managers and forceful structures commanders -cops, for short. They represent the power in Russia.


      As Andrei Illarionov truly said in his speech before the USA Congress, "the power in Russia belongs to a group of force structures of secret services, which, according to 2006 statistics, occupy about 77% of 1016 highest state positions.


      Ordinary people can't buy or sell anything without bribes, nor register anything or sign-in anybody in their apartments. Nothing can be done about that.


      Tell us, for example, how can Kasparov or Kasianov, which are a part of this system themselves, fight and win against this a thousand-year long system: it'll chew them and will not even notice who's a democrat or not. It's because they don't have a scientific historical consideration, unfortunately.


      But we have such consideration. Professor Piotr Khomiakov, specialist in management of complicated systems under crisis, showed the deepest roots of violation of human rights and freedoms in Russia; practically, he proved that one can't even speak about freedom in Russia, without eliminating the dominating state anti-democratic Byzantine model. One can talk a lot about morale, call for conscience, but the system will survive; it doesn't even care what kind of nation will inhabit the country: if there are no Russians, some other will come. Kuraev dreams about Chinese people, Dugin — about Africans, the Prime Minister likes Caucasians (peoples od Caucasus). The system will grind any nation.


      That's where our difference lies. We see the basic reason of evil and know how to eliminate it. And we can openly state that none but us know that.


Q.: You mean that all that's done in Russia today by human rights fighters is just a fight against windmills?


A.: You're absolutely right: they fight against consequences. How can, e.g., the Committee of Soldiers' Mothers change the situation? They can do nothing. They could save 100 soldiers from humiliations and death. But another thousand of them will die of beatings or just of overdrinking alcohol, after demobilization, and will not survive psychological trauma.


      Which rights-protecting organization can stop the dyeing-out of aboriginal population? — None of them. It's just because they don't even deal with it. But we're really facing violations of human rights for decent retirement, for work, for medical service. Those Committees don't deal with such large-scale problems in Russia. They prefer, in company with a Kremlin's representative, to imitate the fight. So, you can compare the scale of their and our activity and feel the difference!


Q.: What are the tasks of the International Democratic Movement?


A.: Our first task is to break through the informational blockade. We can't do that without our supporters' efforts. We hope for the support of those people interested in real freedom, which want and can work normally, without police and managerial disaster, without Moscow's dictatorship.


Q.: Does the Movement have allies in abroad?


A.: Of course! Our branches will be working in the Ukraine, in Belarus, Baltic republics, Israel, USA. Thanks to everyone who supported our efforts. After this informational breakthrough, I think we can hope for a mass support from all civilized countries. Crisis events happening in today's world, only prove our ideas to be true.


      So now, a great preparatory work is on hand. Our first steps are the most difficult. But in half a year or a year, we'll become a full-functioning international organization, a subject and object of international democratic politics.



      Thank you, Vladislav! Good luck to you and all of us! I hope you'll succeed in helping Russian people to live normal lives, not to survive in their own country.


   Unfortunately, I have to make some corrections. Russians today don't have their national state, nor their own country. Russian people really survive; horrible statistics of low birth-rate and high mortality remind reports from some war fronts. Our main task — to win over the state fascism. If our ancestors won against their external aggressors, we have to deal with a more horrible enemy -Byzantine traditions, this archaic dragon, devouring, in the full sense of the word, our children. But we have no other way: either we win, or the monster. So, I call all the people of good will to give us their support-while there's somebody to support. Thank you. God help us!




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